ActiveAhead Helvar lighting control solution

Lighting Control Solutions

From smart rooms to intelligent buildings…

Helvar solutions are designed to be open, scalable and future-proof.

Whether you’re looking for lighting controls for a meeting room, an office floor, an entire building or a campus – or even a cruise liner – Helvar has the solution for you.

Our Solutions


Intelligent Lighting Controls for Single Rooms

RoomSet is Helvar’s state-of-the-art lighting for rooms. It’s designed for repeatable spaces, including classrooms, meeting rooms and hospital wards. The RoomSet lighting solution works out-of-the-box and is commissioned using the intuitive RoomSet App.


Self-Learning Wireless Lighting Control

HELVAR ACTIVEAHEAD® is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting control solution. Its unique self-learning capabilities provide ultimate efficiency in setup and operations.


DALI Lighting Controls

Helvar IMAGINE is Helvar’s renowned DALI lighting controls solution. It’s designed to bring wellbeing and intelligence into your space, offering efficiency and scalability for a wide variety of applications.

Find the solution that’s right for you

  • “In more than 25 years FUNA and Helvar have been growing together and we were able to share many experiences of our projects. This has resulted in a very strong partnership.”

    Andreas Köhler – Wärtsilä FUNA
  • “It is great to work together with a manufacturer who understands our market and is able to provide also long-term support for our service department.”

    Ralf Boeckhoff – Wärtsilä FUNA
  • “We have been with Helvar for 5 months, we are amazed with the level of details from product trainings, business case discussion, to very individual problem solving video demonstration has greatly enhance our solutions and support credibility towards our clientele.”

    Stanley Ong – LumiAmbience
  • “We have been a Helvar partner for 12 months now – the cooperation gives us the opportunity to offer complete system solutions that are very well received by our customers, and this gives us a special position in relation to customer cooperation.”

    Daniel Grün – LIPA Lichtpartner GmbH
  • “We like to think of ourselves as one of the leaders in the region for Lighting and Lighting Control technology. Helvar’s continuous innovations and upgrades has helped us retain this reputation.”

    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • “Whether it is support during design, during execution, or even for marketing, we can always count on Helvar to provide us with support.”

    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • “Working with Helvar is always a pleasure. Despite being a Manufacturer, they always work with us as partners which is in line with our preferred style of working as well.”

    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • “We used to use another suppliers DALI systems, however there was limited investment in new products and solutions. We then started to work with Helvar, and could see that Helvar wanted to invest more and more into new, different solutions. Looking back, we’re very satisfied with the decision that we made.”

    Margus Norrko – Alter Baltics OÜ
  • Smart buildings are here today, but we believe they need to be better than smart. When a building can learn from its senses, think about how it can improve itself over its lifetime, then it will be truly intelligent.

  • Harmony of the Seas is like a floating city, so we needed a lighting control solution that is simple to install and gives us all the capabilities we need on a project of this size and complexity.